I broke apart my insides, I’ve got no soul to sell

Werewolf!Dean, inspired by werewolf transformation in Hemlock Grove and many conversations with Kyofetus :D

monster!Dean project

It’s been months since I drew naughty tiny!octo!Cas… And then Michelle wrote this fic and I suddenly felt the urge to draw him again.


Ride the lightning, or: How to train your dragon for Rowan. Happy birthday :D

(Um, the crop’s tip is wing-shaped, I’m not sure if you can see it.)

Ride the lightning, or: How to train your dragon for Rowan. Happy birthday :D

(Um, the crop’s tip is wing-shaped, I’m not sure if you can see it.)

Hellcat!Cas keeping his master warm and cozy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Happy birthday Trekkie!

This drawing was inspired by at least two things: Garrisonbabe’s fic and Tigerboydean’s ask, so thanks, guys <3

Dean’s throne is smoky because I was too lazy to draw more skulls. Also I tried to make the wings look a bit spidery because of reasons.

Also, Casbutt.

I guess he’s some kind of Siamese hellcat, with soft black fur on his forearms and calves :D

Tigerboy!Dean for tigerboydean :D

Yeeeeees, that smaller branch is placed 100% strategically. Or rather Dean has placed himself strategically on the bigger one. Sneaky little bastard.

monster!Dean project

That’s how I like my boys!

A cheer up doodle for everyone who agrees :3

"My handsome young stripling," so o’er and o’er | Comes the creature’s tender croon, | "Oh, why do you walk on the desolate shore | By the light of the shining moon?" (Adam Mickiewicz, Świtezianka)

I remembered one of my favorite Polish gothic poems, which tells the story about a rusałka that haunted lake Świteź. She was a fucking jerk actually, because she pretended to be a mortal girl, started dating a guy and made him promise he would never cheat on her, then she seduced him once again, this time in her true form, and turned him into a tree for breaking his promise. I can totally imagine rusałka!Dean making a joke about turning a guy who couldn’t keep it in his pants into wood.

Well, I suppose it’s better than being tickled to death, which is rusałka’s killing MO.

monster!Dean project

I tried to doodle Destiel, realized that I can’t doodle people and doodled werewolf!Dean instead.

I would doodle him anyway, because he’s my happy puppy and I love him.

Demon!Dean with spider legsies and cobweb wingssss \o/

Of course he can’t fly on those, but at least they look fabulous.

D: What the fuck, I just fucking cleaned here!
C: No foul language in front of our spawn, Dean!

So… yeah. I promised I’d draw demon!Dean and levi!Cas’ offspring, which happens to look like a swarm of spermlike tadpoles.

Cas is a very protective mommy, he won’t allow any swearing in his house (except in bedroom).

Sexy snarling Cain!Dean for Inka. Happy birthday, hon :D

Behold: your personal Dominant Entertainment Android (DEAn), version: TOP, size: XXL with a changeable tip. Fully capable of learning and adapting to your most sophisticated needs! Only today you’ll get two additional fun-tips of your choice for free!

(As you can see, Cas is insatiable and spent a whole night on the producer’s website searching for the kinkiest add-ons for his Dean. Dean might have suggested that tentacle one, because he’s weirdly fascinated with Japanese tentacle porn. Castiel is fairly sure that this fascination wasn’t a part of Dean’s default settings, but he can’t figure out where it came from. It’s almost as if Dean has a mind of his own.)

Loosely based on Bella’s fic :3

monster!Dean project

It was a late summer night when Dean discovered that he’s not as alone in his secluded wood cabin as he’d thought.

Happy birthday, Esther :D

(This doodle turned out to be much, much more detailed than I planned :D)

(Those crooked, dark things behind levi!Cas are his wings.)

(Also, I’m afraid that octo!Cas will ink in that milk when he sees Dean.)

this is how i want this season to end.

a bigger, better and sexier version can be found on my da :3

(one day i’m gonna sell my soul for the ability to draw backgrounds.)