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If the multiverse theory is true, then there’s a universe where it isn’t.


Multiverse theory doesn’t cover paradoxical situations

Except in the universe where it does


Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #59

Some things are not meant to happen.

Today, I thought I’d finally take my revenge on Gadreel, that I’d get a chance to make him pay, blow after blow, for what he’s done, but now I’ll have to wait. The son of a bitch suddenly became a valuable bargaining chip in a deal set by Metatron himself and unfortunately, it was an offer we couldn’t refuse: Gadreel’s life against Castiel’s. I wasn’t keen on letting the angel go but between revenge and friendship, the choice was quickly made.

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mishagetsmekilled replied to your post: dayum, i love writing desperate for de…

but it doesn’t suck itself

nope, sucking things and sucking at doing things is cas’ job :P

dayum, i love writing desperate for dean’s cock!cas.

i should do it more often.

it basically writes itself :DDD

Do you know of any good blogs that post creepy things?


hm, not really…? i mean i don’t follow any specifically creepy blogs, except thenightvalecitycouncil and bewarethehorrorblog. all creepiness on my dash comes from posts reblogged by people i follow, or from my own wanderings through horror tags :3

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blackrapture1990 submitted:

Alright time for some personal I have no explanation for these stories.

1) when I was 9 I was at a festival with my mom and brother, now it wasnt anything special just a lot of people and street vendors, very typical for this event. Suddenly I was completely alone, no people, no booths, no road, no buildings, nothing except for heavy fog. I didnt feel scared or anything I just accepted it like this is all there ever was or ever would be. And then I felt this pressure on my foot and I looked down and saw a tire on my foot. It didnt hurt I just thought it was odd and I glanced back up and an old couple was staring at me. i smiled and nodded politely and suddenly everything was normal. My mom asked me if i was okay cause apparently my foot had been run over by that couples golf cart and should have been broken. i told her I was fine and then asked her what was I doing. The last thing I could remember was being at my grandmas an hour before. Slowly I remembered bits and peices mostly where I was but most of it was a huge blank

2) I used to watch the pictures on books move and thought it was the greatest thing ever. One I recall best I watched a little monkey knock on the door of a castle, another monkey opened the door and they both went in. I thought it was great and went to show someone, got back and the cover was back to normal

3) I was waiting for the bus to school and I lived out in the country so it was just me. I looked down the road and watched a tree uproot itself, walk halfway into the road and walk back.

4) (creepiest one imo) I was in the computer room at my house and I was the only one home, well I came out to grab a drink and someone was sitting on the couch. I was startled because there was no way someone could have gotten in without me or the dog hearing. i stared at this person in a solid white outfit and got a look at the side of their face. It was me. I blinked and it was gone.


living a jack gleeson appreciation life♔ [1/?]

"I think audiences will always like bad guys who kill for no apparent reason. We just like to hate them."


korean artist Xoo Ang Choi - DOOSAN Gallery 

Choi Xoo Ang, the Seoul born artist and dark master of the imagination, has created sculptures at once hyperrealistic and completely nightmarish, making you feel as if your real life has bled into an inescapable, bad dream.

Twisted tongues, stitched backs and floating heads appear throughout Choi’s polymer clay figures, which display remarkable realism despite their fabulous content. Many of the pieces give metaphorical shape to real issues in modern day Korea, including human rights and abuse.

Choi Xoo Ang is an emerging mixed media artist based out of Seoul, South Korea who creates figurative sculptures out of clay and resin that examines human rights, society’s pathological state, and sex and gender politics among other themes.

To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

30 days of SPN women. Favourite ally character

Sheriff Jody Mills